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  1. more power 2 ur website hoping that evryday u can upload earlyshow .like eat bulaga live.i love gma7 ….we are here in dubai ….GODBLESS……..NONSTOPTV.NET… thx a lot really appreciated ….

  2. I used to love the character of Agnes because she showed how women can survive a broken relationship & be responsible for her child but the story has gone pfffff when she can’t stand up for herself! Why can’t she fight for her right, knowing that it was Celia who forced her to do that. She should insist to her lawyer to get to the bottom of it, investigate the truth – that it was Celia who asked her a favor to deliver the illegal drugs, so that she would be forced to tell the truth about Emily, the evil woman who has been the ultimate reason for all of Agnes’s misfortune. Now, the story simply portrays Agnes as a weak woman because she didn’t finish her schooling.

  3. #GMA sana po mapalabas niyo ang tambalan ni #SongJoongKi at #MoonChaeWon ung back in time na “we’ll meet again” korean tradition…I love this two couple in “The Innocent Man” so cutteeeee KANG MARU <3

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